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Zen will be featured at the Closing Night Party for the 3rd Annual South Side Film Festival 2006

Zen's Annual Summer Luau at Godfrey Daniels on Friday June 30, 2006

ZEN continues it's ongoing engagement at the legendary Deer Head Inn on Friday July 21st 2006.  Zen For Primates will return to the Deer Head every 6 weeks and feature a special  guest at each show.                  Check for more info.   Deer Head Inn

ZEN at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA  on Friday, Aug 18, 2006.



ZEN started an ongoing engagement at the Deer Head Inn on Friday the 13th of January 2006.  Zen                   For Primates will return to the Deer Head every 6 weeks and feature a special guest at each show.                Check out the pictures from this show - Deer Head Inn photos

ZEN was at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, PA. on Sat Dec. 10, 2005 for their Annual Holiday Show.               The sold out show was being called the best Zen show ever by many in attendance. The band agreed.    

ZEN was at the 28th annual COTA Jazz Festival in Delaware Water Gap on Sat. Sept. 10 at 8pm.                   This  fantastic festival features the likes of Dave Liebman, Bob Dorough, Urbie Green, Phil Woods,                John Coates, Bill Goodwin and Bobby Avey and many more.  Like the Newport Jazz Fest used to be....  ....COTA Jazz Fest

Zen played their traditional Halloween show this year at the Main Street Theatre. See some shots of               that show at photographer Seymour Pond's site  S.G Ponds

**ZEN at The Tin Angel  in Philadelphia, PA  on Sunday Jan.20, 2005.  Here's a review of that show from NY Arts Magazine


The "DANNY TOOK THE MILKTRUCK" bus-trip to ZENfest  in Elkins, West Virginia, July 31, 2004               is history but those who slogged it out will never forget it!!  Zen For Primates, performed along with                                  Zen Tricksters      Zen    Zen Fishermen     and 13 more jamming bands on a farm Festival site in                    beautiful rural West Virginia.  But the real memories were definitely off-stage with the salamanders                  and the Fire of Doom.                               ****MORNING AFTER photo op****


More Photos here  Photo section.      



T. Roth and Mike Krisukas are joined by Jody Beder on Cello, Shelagh Maloney                                                  on Violin/Electric Violin/ and Pete Fluck on Sax and Harmonica for what is "stranger than necessary".   


You are listening to Zen For Primates --"Why" - from the CD "It's Polka Time"


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