Has It Really Been a Year Since the Last Luau ?!

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Fri. Jun 19, 2009

4th Annual Zen Luau



Zen For Primates

SATURDAY, June 19  at 8pm    Zen For Primates once again transforms the dour inner sanctum of Godfrey Daniels into a virtual tropical paradise of dead palm fronds, fake flowers and plastic leis.  What could be more exciting !!  And Please Remember to bring along an authentic Hawaiian percussion instrument to be a part of the traditional Polynesian drum circle during "Tiny Bubbles"

PS - The band will be bringing their own Mai Tai_s  so be sure to bring Yur Tai_s  and everyone will be quite awwwwl right......     OK  see you there !!   

http://www.godfreydaniels.org    Bethlehem, PA     610-867-2390   2-6pm  tues -sat

Hawaiian garb recommended; not responsible for those ridiculously attired.

T. Roth on vocals and Mike Krisukas on guitar & vocals, along with Jodi Beder on cello, Pete Fluck on sax and Shelagh Maloney on violin, offer their uniquely quirky unification of Jazz/funk, classical and pop called Cabaret Rock by those who like to call things something. Actually Zen defies any musical catagorization but they have been accused of being "Strange and beautiful" by the Phila. Inquirer, "Strange, different, and oddly attractive" by Dirty Linen, and possessing the "Strange/arty album of the month" by Tower Records/Pulse Magazine. How strange!? "Too hip for most rooms, but they are just right for our cultured ears" -Godfrey Daniels Listening Club


$20.50 - Showtime 8PM

at Godfrey Daniels, 23 E 4 St., Bethlehem, PA

For ticket info and reservations, call 610 867 2390


            For more info call Bummer Tent  at 610-433-4436