Jake Kaligis


1. Separated By The Miles
2. You Make My World Go Round
3. Back To The Scene Of The Crime
4. Sometimes You Just Can't Lose
5. Broken Glas
6. Ocean Drive
7. The Night

8. You're The Only One
9. The Dream Is Gone
10. Oceans To Oceans
11. Respect
12. Planes
Indonesian/Dutch, all American Deadhead,Jake writes love songs and man, can this guy fall in love or what? With a voice to big for the room and huge acoustic guitars, Durango is a classic tale of a man's struggle for freedom, love and liberte'.



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[Stretched]  Jake Kaligis Band
1. These Angels
2. Lakeside
3. When You Look To Hard
4. Come To Raise The Dead
5. Someone Else's Lady
6. I Know What's On You Mind
7. Even The Darkest Nights

8. Pollack
9. Secret Love
10. Timmy Come Back
11. Get Up And Move
12. Prisoner
Jake with his 2nd release on Bummer Tent featuring powerful tracks from his award winning touring Band.