"Like I've said before, Zen For Primates collectively is the Brecht/Weill of our era. Maybe I'm making too much out of them, but I don't think so."

     The New York Press - After Dark - Jim Knipfel (Slackjaw)

"I think Zen For Primates as a collection of individuals and musicians is superb. I was blown away. It was so funny, so dry and so reserved and yet punchy. And T. Roth's delivery was spectacular"

     Eddie Kramer - Grammy winning studio legend (Led Zeppelin, Jimi                                                 Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Traffic)

"Zen For Primates is a collaboration of the most amazing group of musicians I have ever seen. They don't follow the main stream core of the music business, which in this day and age settles for artists which are clones of other acts ."

     Ed Stasium - Grammy winning Producer(The Ramones, Talking Heads,                                              Mick Jagger, Rev Horton Heat)
"T. Roth is a deliciously original weapon!"
     David Fricke - Sr. Editor - Rolling Stone

"Strange/arty album of the month comes from Zen for Primates. Sounds like Kronos Quartet meets Led Zeppelin and Gene Pitney in Munich beer hall where Marlene Dietrich is the bar maid. With self-penned tunes that are more than merely witty."

     Tower/Pulse Magazine - Dan Deluca

"It's more the artistic endeavor in this unique and personal sound that they create, that is Zen For Primates. In a musical world where sameness is rewarded I find it an inspiration. And it's comforting to know that Zen For Primates is out there."

     Bruce Kapler -  (Sax player)  Late Show w/David Letterman    

"...strange and beautiful Zen for Primates."

     Philadelphia Inquirer - Faith Quintavell

"Zen For Primates is actually on to something. Its music evokes images of the Kronos Quartet as bratty new-wave kids in high school, doing quixotic originals along with twisted covers that are equal parts sendup and radical rethinking."

     C M J - James Lien

"What can I say? These guys are brilliant!"

     Reading Eagle/Times - Jim Speece

"Zen For Primates plays music like you've never heard before. Expertly arranged originals bristle with seething irony and stoic determination."

     Electric Factory Concert News - Phil Anderson
"The writing at times approaches psychodrama."
     Pocono Record - Fred Seitz
"With a broad carnival-like imagination and an ocean-sized pool of talent, Zen originals are sublimely crafted pop music."
     Phila. Weekly  - Jonathan Valania
"Strange, different, but oddly attractive, Zen For Primates is part classical music ensemble, part Brecht/Weill and part cover band. Guitarist Mike Krisukas writes most of the rather quirky original material, which is sung in fine style by T. Roth." 
     Dirty Linen – Jim Lee
"Zen For Primates are so good - they're SCARY."
     Wecomat - Derek Davis